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Quality literacy instruction is a complex process. Read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, guided comprehension, independent reading, phonics, and word study provide instruction that gives children the opportunity to experience and enjoy authentic texts and to practice the skills and strategies necessary for fluency and comprehension. Reading is a meaning-making process that involves a great deal of thinking, problem solving, and decision making by both the teacher and the child. Comprehensive reading instruction teaches the child to use a variety of skills to decode, read fluently, and understand the text.

St. Mary of the Lake School has adopred a formal litercy plan that involves:

- Word Study

- Reading

- Comprehension

- Writing about reading

Students' reading levels are assessed at least 3 times per year and all students are closely monitored for progress.  Much of the work students take part in within Literacy is done within learning centres modeled after Daily 5 and Cafe activities.  Our goal is to have all students reading at level within 2 years of entering our school. There are a number of interventions available to support struggling readers and challenge strong readers.