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Junior Kindergarten

St. Mary of the Lake Preschool provides an opportunity for your child to express individuality while exploring and engaging in fun- filled activities.  The individual needs of your child will be respected and our goal is that your child will feel secure. By providing hands-on experiences, children will engage in a self-directed learning environment. In this enriched program, sharing, cooperation and respect will be key virtues that will enhance your child’s development.

Your child will explore:

· The joys of the library, gymnasium and a well-equipped classroom

· Activities and games based on weekly and monthly themes

Children entering the pre-school program at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School must be 4 years old by December 31 of the current year and must be fully potty trained.

Since this program is not provincially funded, there is a $125.00 deposit required to secure a spot in the program and 9 post dated cheques of $125.00. Post dated cheques are a condition of acceptance.  For those who qualify, there is a child care subsidy grant available. Forms can be picked up in the office. 

Parents will also need to provide their child with a backpack, indoor shoes, and a lunch kit.


An early childhood development educator will work with your child by focusing on:

Socialization Skills

· Line-up appropriately

· Use proper manners

· Raise hand(s) to be acknowledged

· Interact with others students appropriately

· Identify basic emotions

· Use acceptable methods to express anger and frustration

· Practice independence with self-care (dressing for outdoors, using washroom)

· Practice  good listening behaviours

· Practice asking for help appropriately

· Taking turns, sharing and cooperating

· Attempting to solve conflicts with words

· Ignoring inappropriate peer behavior

· Follow rules for games and activities

· Work as part of a small group

Readiness Skills

1. Gross Motor Skills

Hop, skip, jump and climb with ease

Throw and Catch a ball

Walk a line

2. Fine Motor Skills

Pencil grip

Cutting-proper scissor use

Zipping up coats

Academic Skills

· Recognize printed name

· Recite the alphabet

· Name the days of the week

· Study and work with the Pre-primer Dolch words

· Answer Questions in sentences (orally-more than 2-3 words).

· Use color, number and location words in speech

· Make predictions about stories

· Answer who, what, where, when, and why questions about a read-aloud

· Give the beginning sound of a spoken word

· Act out familiar rhymes or poems

· Point to the title of a book, where to start reading, a word, and a letter

· Point to words that begin with the same letter as own first name

· Make beginning efforts to use invented, phonetic spelling to communicate in writing

· Given a word, provide a rhyming word

· Give the sounds of at least three letters of the alphabet, especially those in the child’s own name

· Throw or kick an object with increasing accuracy at identified targets varying in height and distance

· Play group games such as tag and relay races

· Play catch using a large ball, with a partner

· Count to 10

· Sort objects according to a single criterion

· Name and write numerals 1-6

· Sing songs and participate in a variety of activities to foster a greater vocabulary