Programming » Kindergarten


The St. Mary of the Lake Kindergarten program will enrich your child’s education. We provide opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and creative development within a resepectful and secure environment.  By providing hands-on experiences, teachers will guide students into being active participants in their learning. 

In this extended full- day, program, sharing, cooperation, and respect will be key virtues that will  enhance your child’s development. 

Students in our program work with a certified teacher and Early Childhood Instructor to enjoy the benefits of:

¨ Early reading readiness

¨ Journals to support and enhance language development

¨ Learning Centers

¨ Dramatics, building and construction, reading, puzzles and games, writing, arts and crafts, manipulatives, sand and water, puppetry and much more!

Bussing is availbable.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!